Thursday, 7 June 2012

Home Studio Monitor Speakers - Get the BEST sound!

When it comes to making beats at home, anybody that is serious about their music will need a set of monitor speakers. It's no use having your beats sounding "cray as fuck" on a pair of Beats by Dre, if somebody listening to your track on a pair of HiFi speakers is thinking "shit sounds wack".

When I first started, I had some crappy £10 speakers and a small subwoofer because I didn't have a clue about mixing and what sounded good or bad. That's why most of my early beats are really badly mixed.

Why do I need monitors?

Studio monitors or reference monitors give an accurate reproduction of the mix. Standard speakers and headphones colour the music (basically, make it sound better by changing some of the frequencies). So the serious producer needs monitors to get the most accurate representation of their tracks.

OK, so which monitors should I buy?

If you're on a budget, I would suggest a pair of low-mid range monitors. My first pair of monitors where KRK RP5's, which I still use and will serve me well until I feel my production skills are good enough that I need to upgrade.

The KRK's are many beatmaker's first monitors, due to their low price compared to other monitors and stylish looks, you will have probably seen the trademark yellow cones in many a studio. KRK's also work pretty well in untreated rooms, which is another advantage.

It is worth noting that you should not just go for the cheapest, monitors are like an investment, and the more you spend the likelihood is the better sound you will get out of them.

Also, do not forget to reference your mix on as many platforms as possible. That is, listen to your mix on your ipod, hifi, car stereo, mobile phone speakers, whatever you can. This way you can hear how your mix sounds on a variety of platforms, as not everyone who listens to your beats is going to be using some $3000 speakers.

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