Thursday, 26 July 2012

Optimize Your YouTube Videos

In this section I will give a few hints and tips on maximising the amount of views you receive on your YouTube channel, and getting more subscribers. If you are a partner, this will also help increase revenue you make from YouTube videos.


Enabling InStream and TrueView ads on all of your monetized videos will help to maximise the money you earn through AdSense. In order to do this you need to:

- Select Video Manger
- Select 'edit' on the video
- Select the 'Monetisation' tab
- Then make sure that and 'TrueView in-stream ads' and 'standard in-stream
ads' are ticked for all your videos.


It is a good idea to add annotations to all of your videos to help increase your channel traffic. I recommend you use annotations strategically to maximize your channels performance:

1. Put them in the videos that get that currently get the highest views (use annotations to link this traffic to less popular videos). For Example 'Check out my video on xxxxx'.

2. Encourage users to subscribe with call-to-action phrases like 'Subscribe Now!' and 'Don't Forget to Subscribe!' (Increasing your subscribers is the fastest way to grow your channel).


Thumbnails act as mini marketing posters for your content on YouTube. You should always create custom poster frames. Thumbnails are very important for search, related video traffic, and page optimization. You can choose to upload a relevant image, or choose from the three auto-generated screen captures from the video. The important thing is your thumbnail must represent your video and that the picture is bright, clear, eye catching & good quality. For instructions on how to upload a custom thumbnail please see: Custom Thumbnails


Create new playlists around searchable topics: Make use to use Artists' Names, Event Names, and/or Song/Album names on new Playlists... Playlist titles should include 'music videos' at the end for artist. These playlists show up elsewhere on the site, and more context and keywords will help.

How do I make a Playlist?

Following these steps should increase the traffic you get to your channel and ultimately, lead to more promotion and earnings.

Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out my YouTube page MickeyMontz Youtube


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